Selfie or Groupie, Try With This Mini Drone

Selfie or Groupie, Try With This Mini Drone

Mini Drone ZonaAlong with the widespread use of smartphones, photo or groupie selfie has become very popular on the internet. Social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram, or google plus being most favored place to share pictures of groupie or selfie.

In recent years, capturing images or groupie selfie easier with the support mobile devices such as smartphones stick exist.

Now comes a new device to take photos or groupie selfie. Is Zano, a mini drone of the size of the palm of the hand is controlled by a smartphone. With Zano will more easily take photos of high-quality video even from the air. Zano is connected directly to the smartphone (iOS or Android) via onboard WiFi.

Control Zano

It allows to control the movement of Zano with smartphones. Tilt your phone or tablet to the left or right, forward or backward then Zano will follow the movements. Also, has the ability to allow the “Follow Me”. Which means that once you set the hold position on Zano, it will set the distance Zano from your smartphone. You can choose the features Zano to hold this position or turn on the “Follow Me” which will instruct Zano to continue to keep distance from your smart device and follow you but will avoid obstacles that may exist on the road during the flight.

Mini Drone Zona

Mini Drone Zona

Zano is equipped with a removable battery which can hold Zano with 10 – 15 minutes on air. This means that users can carry multiple batteries that have been charged to reserves. Zano battery can be charged via microUSB connection with the adapter. Below is Zano in action video that shows how you take your’s best moment with Zano. If you wish, you can pre-order a Zano drone at their official website.

Zano In Action

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