Vivaldi, New Browser That Keep You Try

Vivaldi, New Browser That Keep You Try

VivaldiVivaldi is a new browser that you can try instead of your regular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE. With a flat appearance, Vivaldi presents new browsing experience with today’s tastes. Vivaldi launched by Opera’s former CEO, Jón von Tetzchner.

Worth a try

Vivaldi was first introduced in January with the first preview version with its variety. Today, Vivaldi has reached the Second Preview version with feature enhancements in the First Preview and also some other new features that make this browser worth a try.

I tried to access the site with a browser Vivaldi and was quite satisfactory. Loading bar in the address bar is quite impressive. And display a new tab with speed dial, bookmarks, and history is quite easier for users to manage browsing, especially for users who do not use the mouse for laptop users.

Below is screenshots of the main page (default) of browser Vivaldi and a new tab.



How do you want to try it? Please download and install it on your computer or laptop. In my opinion, Vivaldi browser is a browser that is worth a try now, and hopefully it will be better in the future for a new experience of browsing.

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